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“Effective communication between the personnel who follow the work in the customs and the (CSR) customer service representatives”

With the aim of maintaining and increasing customer satisfaction, maintaining and developing an effective communication environment between the personnel following customs works and transactions in the customs administrations / in the office and the import / export customer representatives working in the office, A training on “effective communication between customer representatives” was organized.

The training, organized by the Karaca Customs Consultancy training unit and held in the training center of our company, was attended by our training unit managers, personnel who follow customs procedures in the customs administrations / field and our import / export customer representatives.

The training was very productive and beautiful. It was very useful and educational for all participants.

We would like to thank our organizational unit managers for their contributions and for their participation in all participants.

Karaca Customs Brokerage

Karaca joined the corporate members of the Ethics and Reputation Society (TEİD).

Karaca Customs Consultancy became the new corporate member of the TEİD (Etik ve İtibar Derneği / Ethics and Reputation Society) 

TEİD which is today with the participation of Turkey's leading institutions and organizations reaching more than 150 members is an important ethics and reputation organization and has been striving for the implementation of universal business ethics principles in all segments of society, aiming to make ethical principles one of the building blocks of institutions and mediates ethical risk management related information transport to Turkey since it was established. TEİD  is also the representative of TRACE INTERNATIONAL recognized by the world's leading global institutions and organizations In the field of Ethical Risk Management.

TEİD's corporate members include 3M, Adel/Faber Castell, Anadolu Group, Bosch, BSH, Coca Cola, Deloitte, Doğuş, Enka, Erdemir, Good Year, Hewlett Packard, Loreal, Novartis, Panasonic, Philips, PwC, Sabancı Holding, Siemens, Socar, Sutaş, Tekfen Holding, Turkcell, Tupraş and Yapı Kredi Bank of challenging such leading domestic and foreign-owned multinational companies located in Turkey's economy and these companies constituting 15% of the GDP of the Republic of Turkey are companies which employs over 250,000 people.

Karaca Customs Consultancy; with the corporate membership of TEİD which was approved as of January 2021, besides the access to the knowledge and experience for the development of the current ethics program and code of ethics, the adoption of ethical values by all administrative and commercial functions of the institution and making it a way of doing business, It aims to reach the relevant current literature in the fastest and most efficient way.





Karaca, headquartered in Istanbul, carries out its activities in İZMİR from the İZMİR-Alsancak office.

Karaca Customs Brokerage, headquartered in Istanbul, carries out its activities in İZMİR from the İZMİR-Alsancak office located in a location very close to the Izmir Customs Directorate and the port.

Karaca Customs Consultancy, which has been providing customs consultancy services for many years to distinguished institutions that shape the Turkish and World economy, in order to respond more closely to the demands of its valued customers located in İzmir,  has opened its branch office addressed Atatürk Caddesi, Dalyan Customs Business Center, No: 398 Alsancak/İzmir

Karaca Customs Consultancy, which continues its activities successfully without slowing down, is proud to bring its quality, experience and unconditional customer satisfaction oriented service approach to potential customers residing in İzmir and Aegean Region with its office and experienced staff located in a location very close to İzmir Customs Directorate and port.

Karaca is very fast and effective in BURSA-Gemlik..

KARACA  CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY who aims to contribute to the rapidly growing economy of Bursa which is one of the cornerstones of ecenomy of Turkey and to get a share from this growth carries out its activities in BURSA from its office located at below address in order to increase its customer portfolio and work load and to provide more effective and fast services to its valued customers. Our office is at a walking distance to Gemlik Customs Directorate.