Karaca Customs Consultancy, which is one of the important institutions of the customs sector, conducts its activities in Mersin from a location close to the port.The fact that the office is close to Mersin Port and Mersin Customs Directorate makes it easier for the operational customs processes to be completed in a shorter time.

The office of Karaca, which is also rather close to the Mersin free zone, can be reached from the following address and details.

Güvenç Business Center
Yenimahalle 5306 Sokak 
B Block No:3/44 Akdeniz/Mersin  
Tel/Fax: +90 324 237 37 34
E-Mail: [email protected]

Mersin is one of the important centers in Turkey both in industry and agriculture areas. Therefore the activities in Mersin are important for Karaca Customs Consultancy.