Legislation Consultancy Services

Persons and institutions that receive customs clearance services from KARACA CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY have  detailed information about the customs legislation and the developments in the implementation of these legislations besides customs clearance services, and by using this information timely and correctly, they gain a competitive advantage. It is clear that there will be no problems in customs procedures and practices in cases where effective information sharing is carried out and implemented in accordance with the requirements of the legal legislation.

Karaca Customs Consultancy, while providing customs consultancy services to its valuable national and multinational customers, simultaneously feeds and informs them in detail on customs and foreign trade legislation. Persons, institutions and organizations that receive service from a corporate firm, which is experienced in customs applications, does business in a planned, programmed, fast and trouble-free manner with the right information, documents, in accordance with laws and rules, also provide important contributions in terms of competitive advantage and efficiency.

As it is known, each country has its own legal infrastructure and specific practices in customs matters. International companies that want to invest in our country need product or sector-oriented cost and risk analysis in this sense, they want to have prior knowledge of our country's legislation and practices, to determine which customs regimes they will apply, and to design their infrastructure. In particular, the importance of legislative consultancy services emerges at this point. CUSTOMS AUDIT AND CONSULTING INC. is one of our group companies established to provide customs consultancy services to corporate companies, especially multinational companies that want to invest or trade in our country. With its experienced consultant and consultant staff, it has been successfully providing up-to-date customs and foreign trade legislation consultancy services covering the professional customs and foreign trade fields for many years to distinguished organizations that shape the Turkish and World economy.

The main topics under our consultancy services are as follows:

  • Consultancy Services regarding customs and foreign trade legislation and its applications
  • HS Code Determination and Applications Consultancy Services
  • Consultancy Services Regarding TSE / CE Tareks and Other Conformity Assessment Processes
  • Customs Conflicts and Administrative Demurral Procedures Consultancy Services
  • Abroad Undertaking Services Legislation Consultancy Services
  • European Union – Turkey Common Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Fight against Smuggling Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Food and Agriculture SWS Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Ministry of Health SWS Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Investment Incentive SWS Consultancy Services
  • Reconciliation Regulation Consultancy Services