Legislation Consultancy Services

The persons, institutions and organizations that receive the Foreign Trade and Custom Legislation Consultancy services, are provided immediate information on the applied legislations at customs and on the developments incurred in the application on theses legislations, and via using this information in due time and accurately, they gain upper hand in competition. The cost of the problems that shall arise in situations where the efficient information sharing is not performed and the statutory legislation is not applied according to the requirements shall be much more than the amount of the resources to be spent for the measures to be taken.

Today, the success in the foreign trade and customs sector where the competition is high, the work processes are considerably complex and heterogeneous is dependent fundamentally on the delivery of the ware with the lowest cost, in the most accurate and the fastest way to the location the consumer or producer desires on due, however the ware to be released to the market can be prevented at the customs via application of obstacles within and out of the tariff by justifications like protection of human, animal and plant health and the environment etc. Therefore, in order for the ware not to face any obstacles at the customs and to be released to market at the planned time, the rights given by the current mutual or multi party conventions and current laws should be used and the requirements should be determined, work processes should be planned and implemented before the ware arrives at the customs. When considering that the companies and company officials have great responsibilities against the state in customs transactions, it is apparent that receiving customs legislation consultancy services from a Customs Consultancy firm that works conforming to the accurate information, documents as well as laws and rules, in a planned, programmed, fast and unproblematic way, experienced and institutional in the customs works, transactions and applications shall contribute greatly to the receiving persons, institutions and associations regarding the competitive advantages and efficiency.

Karaca Customs Consultancy, with its experienced consultant and advisor staff, has been providing with success for long years the consultancy services related to the current legislation and its applications covering the professional customs and foreign trade fields to the elite institutions directing the Turkish and World economy.

The main topics under our consultancy services are as follows:

  • Consultancy Services regarding customs and foreign trade legislation and its applications
  • HS Code Determination and Applications Consultancy Services
  • Consultancy Services Regarding TSE / CE Tareks and Other Conformity Assessment Processes
  • Customs Conflicts and Administrative Demurral Procedures Consultancy Services
  • Abroad Undertaking Services Legislation Consultancy Services
  • European Union – Turkey Common Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Fight against Smuggling Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Food and Agriculture SWS Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Ministry of Health SWS Legislation Consultancy Services
  • Investment Incentive SWS Consultancy Services
  • Reconciliation Regulation Consultancy Services