Privacy Statement

KARACA respects the confidentiality of the personal information of visitors. While browsing our site, no personal information is collected other than the ones provided purposely and willingly by visitors for communicating, consulting or receiving offers. Personal information given by you is used to contact and transmit information. KARACA accepts and acknowledges that it will not share this information with third parties or any other company in any way.

KARACA statistically follows the website visits, the total number of visits, the number of visitors on each web page, and the domain names of the internet service providers of the visitors on the website you are currently visiting. In this process, no personal information is used.

Cookies are used on KARACA web page. When you display a web site, the small piece of text assigned to your browser by the server is called “cookie”. Cookies can store various types of data. They increase the functionality of a website and give us a more accurate review of your use of this website. Cookies never collect personal information without your consent.

You can reach corporate information and our services through our website and you can benefit from online services via internet. Using certain services may require being a member of our website. No fee will be asked for membership.

Some personal and communication information will be asked to become a member of our website. This information will be used only for offering a better service and contacting with you when necessary. You can change this information whenever you want. KARACA CUSTOMS BROKERAGE undertakes not to disclose such information to third parties except legal requirements.