Vision, Mission and Values


Our vision is to become a reputable, valuable and leader company that offers common, reliable and high quality service in all regions of our country, pleases people from every segment of society with its foreign trade and customs transactions, considers its customers and human resources as its most valuable asset, creates difference and value with its “Boutique Service” understanding and commits more than a Customs Brokerage company in every stage of foreign trade transactions which are imitated by its rivals.


Our mission is to become a company that offers the most suitable solution offers to its customers in the most appropriate and reliable ways by determining their preferences, needs and expectations in the best possible way, provides quick and efficient service to its customers with its professional staff and strong, institutional and technological infrastructure, carries on a disciplined and stable business by being conscious of moral values and social responsibilities and values customer satisfaction above anything.


  • We are fair, honest, transparent, respectful to beliefs and differences.
  • We always base our good intentions on positive thinking without prejudice.
  • Humble, tolerant and helpful.
  • We're not afraid to make mistakes, we take lessons from mistakes.
  • We decide by using scientific methods and objective data.
  • We use technology effectively.
  • We oparate a business model and system in which work can be continued without being dependent on specifically to a specific employee, corporate knowledge is produced and placed in the company's memory.
  • We are focused on customer satisfaction.
  • We believe in team work.
  • We consider our customers and human resources to be our most valuable asset.
  • We are assertive in quality. Our supplier quality awards are the basis of our claim.
  • We aim at continuous improvement  by setting targets.
  • In the set goals, we do not endure in the face of difficulties, we make hard effort  without making excuses until successful.
  • We use time correctly and effectively, and we avoid waste.
  • We abide by legal and ethical rules.
  • We see our work as a living environment, not just a business environment.
  •  As Karaca Family, we strive to be beneficial to the environment and society, to our country and to humanity.