Other Services

Karaca Customs Brokerage provides optimum solutions from one source by bringing together the expertise and resources of itself and its business partners in all logistic sub-service groups such as international and domestic transportation, warehousing and distribution services, and in addition to these services, Karaca Customs Consultancy follow-up and procure the required documents on behalf of the clients of the relevant Public Institutions and Organizations.

Other services that Karaca Customs Consultancy provides to its valued customers include the delivery of the documents of the import-export files to be processed to the customs administrations with the car and motor couriers of the courier department within the body of Karaca.

In addition to these services, we also provide fast delivery of declarations and annex documents and service invoices of the completed import-export files to customers' addresses.

Karaca Customs Brokerage, which belongs to the Courier department within the body of the vehicles, such as package parcels belonging to customers' warehouses or other desired address to the customer's warehouse also serves customers. These services are provided within Karaca Customs Brokerage Services within certain limits.

Logistics Services

Karaca offers all logistics services which are needed by customers with optimum costs, fast and safe through their advanced IT possibilities at every stage of business processes and strategic business opportunities by their knowledge and by the companies which are in their organization.

Karaca Customs Concultancy, provides optimum solutions from one source by gathering the sources and expertise of their work partners and themselves in all logistics sub-service groups like,International Transportation,Domestic Transportation,Storage,Distribution,Customs Clearance. 
The Competition arising as a result of effect of the globalization and the need for outsourcing have businesses use more professional methods in supply chain. At that point, providers of logistics services carry out the use of corporate resources and information sharing in the most efficient manner as an extension of their organization.

As a company that can provide professional solutions to customers in the supply chain process, and contribute to development and efficiency of business process can realize the management of all value-added services from a single point through its strategic business partners and companies within itself, Karaca adds value to its customers, saves their times with its quality and customer-oriented approach in supply chain management and by offering SUSTAINABLE, UNINTERRUPTED SERVICE...

Document Tracking And Procurement Services


Karaca follows up and provides the following documents and certificates that are obligatory to be submitted to the relevant customs authorities about the goods which will be imported / exported by the customers of Karaca from the relevant public institutions and organizations.


  • Vehicle Type Approval Document Operations
  • Atomic Energy Community Operations
  • Repair and Maintenance Certificate Operations
  • Order, Revision, Time Extension and Closing Operations for the Inward and Outward Processing Document
  • Fictive, Bonded Warehouse, Private Warehouse Operation Permits and Foundation and Establishment Procedures
  • Exemption Warranty Document Operations
  • Inspection Certificate Operations
  • Import Licensing Operations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Certificate Operations
  • Highway Conformity Certificate Operations
  • Inspection Certificate Operations
  • Operations and Transactions for Consent Certificates of the Ministry of Culture
  • Registration Certificate Operations
  • Quota Allocation Demand Operations
  • Consulate Attestation Operations
  • Used Machinery Special Permission Request Operations
  • Opening and Handling Operations
  • Brand and Name Registration Operations
  • Appropriation Operations
  • Detachment Operations
  • Measure Setting Operations
  • Operations for Permission Certificates of General Directorate of Petroleum Affairs
  • Post Office Approval Certificate Operations
  • After-sales Service Competency Certificate Operations
  • Operations and for the General Directorate of Radiotelephone
  • TSI and Chemistry Reports Operations
  • Preparation, Tracking and Closing Operations and for Incentive Certificates
  • Consumer Protection Warranty Certificate Operations
  • Operations for Expertise Works of Chamber of Commerce
  • Permitted Operations and of the General Directorate of Radiotelephone
  • Agricultural Quarantine Procedures, Operations
  • Operations for the General Directorate of Radiotelephone

Courier Services 

Time means the completion of customs transactions and services without any faults and errors as soon as possible for Karaca Customs Brokerage. With this awareness and perspective, Karaca Customs Brokerage quickly delivers the files of import-export documents that will be put into process to customs authorities and files of import-export documents of which formalities have been completed, and service bills of those files to the addresses of customers with its walking, car, and motorcycle couriers within its courier department by the force of integrity and speed in service.

In short, your files are received from the address and delivered to the address quickly and safely with its walking, car, and motorcycle couriers of courier department established within the Karaca Customs Brokerage.

Our mobile units that belong to the department of courier within Karaca Customs Brokerage serves you in delivery of your belongings such as package, box to your storages or another address that you have requested. These services are offered within certain limits in Karaca Customs Brokerage Services.