In addition to the necessity of providing new human resources in order for businesses to reach their goals, it is necessary to maintain the human resources they have and to be trained, developed and motivated very well in order to benefit from them in the most efficient way.

Based on this general rule, our employees are one of our main strengths that lead us to success in the realization of our company strategies and goals. Thanks to the KRC ACADEMY, which we have created to implement systems and practices that provide opportunities and contributions to the development of our employees, the motivation and performance of our employees are constantly increasing, and their increasing motivation and performance significantly increases our operational efficiency.

In Karaca group companies, it is aimed to increase the sectoral knowledge and experience of the personnel at all levels, from newly recruited employees to existing personnel, from manager candidates to managers, and to improve their existing qualifications. In this sense, KRC ACADEMY plays a very important role in increasing the number of expert personnel within the company and improving their qualifications.

At KRC ACADEMY, experienced managers who have given years to the company transfer their knowledge, while important names of the sector and professional expert trainers also take part in the trainings. These people share the experiences and practical applications they have gained over many years with the participants and transfer the experience and practical applications not found in theory to them.

As it is known, orientation is a set of methods applied to get used to an environment easily. With the orientation program within the body of KRC ACADEMY, it is aimed that the newly graduated young people who have started their business life within our institutions gain the knowledge and skills required by the job, thus ensuring their adaptation to the job as soon as possible

What is KRC ACADEMY, why is it established, what is its objective?

KRC ACADEMY is the development center of the company employees, which was established by KRC CUSTOMS AUDİT AND CONSULTANCY INC. 

KRC ACADEMY, which consists of professional trainers and in-house executives specialized in its field, has been established to contribute to the personal and professional knowledge and skills of its employees and to easily adapt its orientation programs and newly recruited employees to the working environment. In this context, the target is to convey the knowledge and experience acquired over many years to all parties in cooperation with Karaca grup companies employees, supported by both theoretical and current examples.

What is KRC ACADEMY's working method?

KRC ACADEMY's method of study is based on the principle of developing and following different methods for various fields of work of the sector by using different disciplines. KRC ACADEMY collects various stakeholders of KRC CUSTOMS AUDİT AND CONSULTANCY INC.  around a table and monitors the developments and implementation processes in the sector and reports the data. Karaca's experienced executives interpret the leading figures of the industry and professionally trained instructors in a scientific way. Thus, combining the theoretical accumulation in the field of application with the practical processes of KRC CUSTOMS AUDİT AND CONSULTANCY INC. allows for a bilateral development.

Which trainings are offered at KRC ACADEMY?

At KRC ACADEMY, besides the elective or compulsory trainings that will contribute to personal and professional knowledge and skills of our employees, trainings are provided to give them a holistic perspective. As it is known, the competitive environment in foreign trade, especially the rapid development of the customs clearance sector in our country, complex and constantly renewing variable structure together with continuous learning, the legislation requires regular follow-up. In KRC ACADEMY, changes in legislation are examined comparatively with the old and new form, and all customs issues, customs clearance processes and practices are processed in detail and the participants are aimed to specialize in customs clearance. In addition, training programs that reflect the company's culture, the company's policy and ethical values, orientation programs for our newly recruited employees, and compulsory training programs that are required by the employees are among the training topics organized by KRC ACADEMY.

Who are the trainers at KRC ACADEMY?

It is obvious that the greatest problem of today is education, and that it is qualified human development. The road to qualified training and qualified people passes through qualified trainer. A good trainer should have a holistic perspective with a high level of knowledge in different disciplines, follow professional development and innovations, develop an adequate view of the education system and processes in order to be able to design and direct them and to implement different strategies when necessary. Experienced managers who have given their years to the company in KRC ACADEMY, where they will benefit from and benefit from the staff in our branches and liaison offices located in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Mersin, Kocaeli and Tekirdağ in Turkey, the leading figures of the sector and professional trainers are also included in the trainings. These people share their experiences and practical applications with the participants and transfer the experience and practical practices that are not in theory.

What are the previous foreign trade legislation training topics at KRC ACADEMY?
  • General introduction of foreign trade,
  • Delivery and Payment Methods
  • Basic Customs Applications
  • Import Legislation and Applications
  • Export Legislation and Applications
  • Customs Legislation and Operation Process
  • Product Safety Audit CE Applications
  • Inward Processing and Outward Processing Regime
  • Investment Incentive Legislation
  • Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures in Foreign Trade
  • Customs Tariff Application and Classification Legislation
  • Origin; Certificates of origin and circulation
  • Legislation on smuggling
  • Free Zones Legislation
  • Foreign Exchange Legislation
  • VAT, SCT Legislation
  • YYS and OKS legislation
  • Definition and Concepts of Post Control
  • Legal and Criminal Responsibilities in Customs
What are the 2019-2020 training year projects at KRC ACADEMY?
  • Developing previous year studies, being sustainable and certification
  • Leaf test and writing abstracts
  • Preparation of digital content and training videos for the institution
  • With the exams to be held once a month, giving our employees the opportunity to evaluate themselves
  • Continuing education in English learning