It is known that anthropocentric notion of work in Karaca is very important in terms of achieving sustainable success. Sustainable success is obtained as a result of the integration of values which we create for our customers, employees and suppliers. Joint interest of our customers, employees and suppliers is essential in our service concept and work order.

Our customers are one of the most important assets for us and their benefits are always at the forefront. We know that success comes as a consequence of the qualified service which we render to our customers. Our aim is to render a better service to our customers than they expect. No probable cause can let the workload reduce the standard quality of our service.


The first priority of Karaca is to submit the zero error declarations to the relevant customs authorities faultlessly on time, to conclude customs transactions as soon as possible and without problems, to deliver the goods included in the declaration to their holders on time and as they are produced, and to be mentioned by the terms QUALITY, SPEED, EXPERIENCE AND RELIABILITY in the sector.

"QUALITY" is a life style. "QUALITY" is designed, produced, controlled and developed. "QUALITY" is ensured and maintained with the volunteer support of all staff and with the sense of responsibility.

  • The basic principles of our quality policy are as follows;
  • Creating and managing a human resource which is productive and open to continuous development, believes the communication is the essential element of institutional efficiency, works very hard to achieve company goals with team spirit,
  • Preventing problems by transferring past experiences to the future and offering substantial solutions,
  • Prioritizing society, individual and moral values by making no concession to confidentiality and reliability principles and honesty,
  • Working in accord with customers and business partners by establishing efficient dialogues,
  • Prioritizing customer satisfaction by fulfilling their needs quickly and beyond the expectations through team spirit and personnel training,
  • Creating a knowledge-based democratic management model by making technology essential in every process of its works and implementing this model transparently within a structure open to continuous development;
  • Prioritizing quality service understanding by abiding by the laws and legal regulations.

Aiming for being one of the exemplary and leading customs brokerage companies of Turkey that leads the sector with its contributions and vision and values With all these targets and policies, Karaca undertakes to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and to develop and improve such systems continuously.


Assurance of the security of our information assets under the conditions of secrecy, integrity and disposability and their safe usage in business processes by considering the activity, accuracy speed and access authorization are essential for our company. With this aim, Karaca established ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and specified the satisfaction of information security needs as its company policy with the guarantee of fulfilling the conditions, maintaining its performance and improvement by taking the legal requirements, conditions and obligations of contract into consideration as well as concerning the current or probable risks.

Karaca aims to provide business continuity and minimize the harm and the risk results as a result of security violations with the Information Security Management System. By means of "Information Security Management System Policy and Implementations", the features of secrecy (accessibility of information only for the authorities), integrity (protecting the information against unauthorized changes and realizing when there is a change), and disposability (availability of the information when it is needed by authorized users) of Karaca information assets will be put under protection.

In this sense, Karaca Customs Brokerage declares and guarantees that ;

  • The information is secure, protected against the unauthorized access, and it can only be accessible for the authorities.
  • The information is not shared either intentionally or accidentally to the unauthorized people.
  • The accuracy of information is provided.
  • The information is ready to the access of the authorities.
  • The legal requirements are supplied.
  • All the procedures are applied by all units.
  • Information Security Education is provided for all employees.
  • All the deficiencies are reported to the unit supervisor and measures are taken.
  • The deficiencies that will not be made up are organized by security officers.
  • All units apply the Information Security Procedure in the activities which are conducted with customers or collaborative companies.


By acting in accordance with the applicable customs and foreign trade legislation within the framework of ethical rules, finalizing customs procedures in customs administrations and related official institutions, taking zero tolerance for bribery and corruption attempts,  representing our customers in the best way in customs administrations 
form the basis of Karaca Customs Consultancy's  Anti-Bribery and Corruption policy.

This policy covers not only Karaca employees but also the customers of Karaca and all parties that do business with Karaca Customs Consultancy.

The rules we have adopted in accordance with this policy;

  • Our reputation cannot be measured by any material value.
  • Our company has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption. No direct or indirect bribes and attempts to corrupt are unacceptable, including payments to facilitate transactions.
  • It is a necessity that our activities are carried out fairly, honestly, in accordance with legal and ethical rules in every field.
  • No contact can be established with a supplier, business partner person or institution that has been given a realistic perception of any act of bribery or corruption, and the existing relationship, if any, is terminated immediately.
  • In our company, gifts and entertainment are always for a reasonable level of legitimate purpose and do not create any conflict of interest or perception in this direction.
  • Decisions on paid or unpaid internships and temporary assignments are made based on merit and are not taken to influence the buyer or those who have a close relationship with the buyer.
  • Suppliers doing business with our company must undertake to comply with legal regulations and applicable anti-bribery and corruption laws. 
  • When bribery and corruption attempts are detected, necessary sanctions are applied immediately.
  • Within the scope of combating bribery and corruption, awareness is created and continuity is ensured in all areas of our institution.
  • Violations are handled fairly without retaliation.

With its policies consisting of all these rules, Karaca Customs Consultancy declares and undertakes to comply with the requirements of its ISO 37001 Anti-Corruption Management System under all circumstances and to continuously develop and improve these systems and conditions.


"Unconditional Customer Satisfaction" and "Customer Orientation" underlie our customer satisfaction policy. Our aim in this direction  is to improve business processes on going in the direction of all kinds of view, demand and suggestion coming from the customers, and to enter into long-running relations based on mutual respect and trust with our customers, to gain our dear valued customers’ appreciation, credit and trust.

All works done in Karaca are treated within the frame of transparency, accessibility, objectivity, customer orientation, continuous improvement, fast and effective, principles of professionalism.

  • With the principles of transparency and accessibility; our customers can convey their complaints, demands and suggestions to the customer services hotline "444 8 572" and by means of "Customer Feedback Form" available on our website 7 days 24 hours. All communication channels are open to our dear customers.
  • With the principle of objectivity; all kinds of complaint, demand and suggestion are evaluated in an unprejudiced and appropriate way.
  • With the principle of customer orientation; effective, realistic and applicable solutions are presented to our customers who always deserve the best, the high quality and the most reliable, and their needs are satisfied.
  • With the principle of continuous improvement; customer’s changing expectations about whether the customer conditions are supplied or not are measured and evaluated and announced to all employees to ensure customer satisfaction, improvement activities are carried out by taking even a little displeasure seriously into consideration. Necessary source and education requirements are provided to enhance our system of customer complaint managements continuously.
  • With the principle of fast and effective solution; fast and effective solutions are produced in compliance with the customers’ needs and demands, and changes are made continuously.
  • With the principle of professionalism; all kinds of complaint, demand and suggestion coming from the customers are evaluated and the most appropriate solutions are found.

Within the frame of stated principles.

KARACA, which gives importance to the customers’ demands and expectations, has effective methods to measure the customer satisfaction, presents new approaches after evaluating the customers’ complaints, meets the requirements of customer relationship management philosophy, deserved to take "The Certificate of ISO 2001 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System" on 02/05/2009 with the customer satisfaction policy of meeting the customers’ complaints and demands, both rendering a better service and creating a difference in this sector by taking the quality standards more forward.

With this certificate, as Karaca Customs Brokerage, we declare that we adopt the following principles as basic principles of Customer Complaints Management Policy, guarantee that we, as a whole, will try to do the best to pursue these principles in every step we will take as an organization.

  • We will improve the efficacy and efficiency of the process of handling and responding to the customer complaints for good to improve the quality of customer services continuously,
  • We will solve our customers’ all kinds of problems by keeping them under the control effectively by means of continuous feedback,
  • We will increase the customer satisfaction by building a customer oriented environment,
  • We will comply with all current legal regulations about customers,
  • We will analyze the customers’ demands, expectations, and criticisms by recording them, and improve the quality of product and service in this direction,
  • We will perpetuate our reliability for our customers,


Karaca accepts the person as the most important assets in all the activities, and it adopts minimizing all potential kinds of losses as primary business purpose by organizing a more safe and healthy work environment in which potential dangerous situations to which our employees can expose are identified, evaluated, controlled and announced to the all of them, and it takes a pride in this.

In order to reach this aim Karaca, 

  • Keeps its occupational health and safety systems which are correspondent with OHSAS 18001 certificate up-to-date by promoting with continuous improvement.
  • Makes up appropriate emergency (earthquake, fire, flood, civil defense etc.) procedures according to risks, and provides opportunities of business continuity.
  • Provides necessary training to employees, suppliers and cooperated companies for them being aware of individual responsibilities about occupational health and safety.
  • Holds all employees responsible for taking all measures within the limits of their power in the application of occupational health and safety program. This responsibility involves removing all dangers or informing the chief about the possible dangers, attending to all implementations of job safety measures and supporting them.

Karaca and its employees assume corresponding to all legal requirements and moral principles about current occupational health and safety policy, and applying them.


Minimizing the potential harmful effects to environment as a result of our activities, being more sensitive to the environment, providing continuous change and development are priorities for the management of our company and employees in Karaca. This global objective forms the basis of daily functioning of Karaca.

We, Karaca Senior Management, are committed to do our part in accordance with the ISO 14001 in the name of protecting the environment with effective and successful works and studies in our workplace together with managers, employees and suppliers.