General Introduction

KARACA that offers professional Customs Brokerage/Customs Clearance and Foreign Trade Consulting Services to national and international organizations and companies which are leader in their sectors, have adopted customer satisfaction-oriented management mentality without sacrificing its quality philosophy since its foundation and establishment and have made a point of establishing long-term relationships based on mutual trust and have won the praise and trust of its valued customers as a result of its effective and comprehensive services, principled, honest and systematic business.

Karaca has a highly regarded customer portfolio consisting of national and international organizations and companies that are leaders of their sector and field of business.


  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System,
  • ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management System,
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and
  • OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates,

provides the privilege of using the Online Customs Services via Interactive Customs System which it has launched in recent years, to its highly valued customers.

Ensuring the security of our information assets and using them in business processes effectively, accurately, quickly and in a safe way by considering access authorities are one of our management policies that has been overemphasized since our company was established. Karaca has completed training and certification works on ISO 27001 Information Security Management System that was initiated in the second half of 2013 for approving that it was implementing this management policy effectively and has received this valuable management system certificate.

KARACA that its headquarters is located in Istanbul, has been serving to its customers for many years with its existing contact offices and professional staff in the below specified customs directorates of trade regional directorates.

  • Istanbul Trade Regional Directorate,
  • Western Marmara TEKİRDAĞ)Trade Regional Directorate,
  • Eastern Marmara (KOCAELİ - İZMİT)Trade Regional Directorate,
  • Uludağ (BURSA,ESKİŞEHİR)Trade Regional Directorate,
  • Aegean (İZMİR,MANİSA),Trade Regional Directorate,
  • Central Anatolia (ANKARA)Trade Regional Directorate,
  • and Central Mediterranean (MERSİN)Trade Regional Directorate.

KARACA is the one of the leading companies of the sector remembered with the concepts of QUALITY, SPEED, EXPERIENCE and RELIABILITY in terms of service quality and following and applying all innovations and technological developments in the field of activity and giving importance to personal and technical training of its employees and always thinking on providing the fastest and the most affordable service in order to meet expectations and needs of its customers in terms of basic policy of the company and thinking of continuous development in order to make the service quality better in each passing day based on the fact that the most important elements of the service are human being, communication and technology.

Key features that distinguish KARACA from other Customs Clearance companies are listed below.

  • Expert Staff
  • Boutique Service Concept
  • A Business Model And System In Which Works Can Be Continued Without Being Dependent On Individuals, Corporate Knowledge Is Produced, Developed And Concentrated To Corporate Memory.
  • Technological Infrastructure
  • Compliance with Ethical Principles And Ethical Values
  • Fast Process Finishing And Problem Solving Capability
  • Serviceability In Different Locations
  • Service For Large-Scale Organizations
  • Working With Correct Timing Of Accounting And Finance Department
  • Pre-Control By Our Internal Audit Department for Post-Control By Customs Administration
  • Care For Protecting  Trade  Interests  And Legal  Rights  Of  Business Owner