Human Resources Policy

Our human resources policy is based on the following principles in accordance with the awareness of the fact that the human resources are the most important element for our company to achieve our objectives and to develop. 

  • Selection and appointment of people with higher level of education who are open to innovations and changes, creativity, dynamism, solution and result-orientation and aimed at improving themselves and their works in accordance with the objectives of our company, 
  • Development of human sources applications intended to meet the needs of managers that will reveal in line with the company’s growth objectives,
  • Increasing the quality of existing human resources with inter corporate and ex-company trainings; 
  • Providing peaceful and professional working environment in which they can use and develop their skills and abilities both individually and professionally for all employees of the company. 
  • Ensuring a sufficient environment for communication and teamwork within the body of the company, 
  • Developing and applying systems which can encourage and rewarded as a result of success, 
  • Applying a fair wage policy based on performance by providing staff to be satisfied in the best way in terms of wage system and social rights within the framework of the existing facilities.
  • Realization all of applications above by ensuring the implementation of codes of ethics and equality of opportunity without exception. 

Karaca that draws a steadily raising graph with progresses, innovations, and sense of quality, has survived since the time when it started to operate in the sector and have a steady place among the best service producing and the most successful companies, today. For Karaca, it is believed that the success of a company is linked to the satisfaction of employees and customers. Therefore, the primary objective of Karaca which integrates the customer-oriented management approach at minimum conditions in order to satisfy employees, is to be certain in the issue that all internal and external members of the family are proud of the brand. 

KARACA Family is a privileged company formed by individuals who are wholeheartedly believers of the principle of "SERVICE WITHOUT BORDERS" and who

  • Love their job,
  • Develop themselves continuously,
  • Successful in human relations,
  • Not afraid of taking responsibility,
  • Generate solutions,
  • Stand up to difficulties.