Our Memberships

TEİD - Ethics and Reputation Society


In addition to being an organization that continues to coordinate the private sector in implementing anti-corruption agreements that the Republic of Turkey is a party to before the United Nations and the OECD with the participation of leading institutions and organizations of Turkey, having reached over 150 members as of today, striving for the application of universal principles of Business Ethics in all segments of society and aiming to make ethical principles one of the building blocks of institutions by mediating the transfer of the literature that exists in the world in the field of ethical risk management to Turkey, TEID is also the Turkey representative of TRACE INTERNATIONAL, which is recognized by the world's leading global institutions and organizations in the field of ethical risk management.
Through adoption of ethical values by all administrative and commercial functions of the company and making it a form of making business, Karaca customs brokerage also aims to reach the current literature on ethical values in the fastest and most effective way with TEID corporate membership, as well as access to the knowledge and experience to develop the ethics program and ethics code that it already has.

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KALDER - Turkish Quality Association

The mission of KalDer, founded in November 1991 and guiding sustainable work and quality of life in our country as a non-governmental organization leading the transformation is to contribute to improving our country's competitiveness and prosperity by transforming a culture of excellence into a way of life. Adopting contemporary quality philosophy in our country to gain effectiveness and spread, placement of quality awareness in our country, promotion of quality work, increase our competitive opportunities in the foreign market, provision of technical assistance and coordination in this regard to the industry and service sector KalDer has approached significantly these goals and vision by means of membership of the main existing companies in the industrial and service sector in our country, active participation of representatives of companies that are members in the work of the association, establishing close relations and cooperation with leading educational, professional, media and consumer organizations.
Karaca customs brokerage aims to further develop and disseminate quality awareness in service by spreading the understanding of excellence in all business processes to the base of its company with Kalder corporate membership covering main companies in the industry and service sector in our country as member.

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TEDAR - Supply Chain Management Association

Carrying out active studies on the needs and expectations of the business world in supply chain management applications, introducing opportunities for meeting members, solidarity, and communication between them, and ensuring them to be informed about the work of creating, developing and supporting supply chain principles in Turkey, the objective of TEDAR- Supply Chain Management Association is to contribute to the expectations of the business world and the competitiveness of our country by conveying supply chain management principles and good practices in accordance with the Constitution and relevant legal principles of Republic of Turkey in a way that does not contradict the regulations of competition law.
With TEDAR - Supply Chain Management Association corporate membership Karaca customs brokerage aims to meet their expectations and requirements in the best and most accurate way by participating in the works on creating, developing and supporting the principles of supply, supplier management system and supply chain in Turkey, providing better service to our customers, knowing the functioning of the industry in which we operate and speaking the same language with them and by owning their projects as our own project.

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BCTR - Blockchain Turkey Platform

Karaca Customs Consultancy, within the scope of the digital change and transformation process that has also been  supported by the Ministry of Trade,  became a gold member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform ( BCTR).

It is thought that Blockchain technology, which has an increasing use in many countries and different sectors around the world, will affect the whole world in the coming years and transform the world technologically. It is also thought that this technology will enable  paperless trade era, accelerate the digitalization of supply chains, increase efficiency and shorten transaction times, while also preventing mistakes arising from fraud or  errors.

Karaca Customs Colsultancy by taking part in BCTR (Blockchain Turkey Platform) aims to closely follow the developments in Blockchain technology, aims to be one of the leading organizations in the execution of foreign trade transactions on blockchain-based platforms. Besides all this Karaca Customs consultancy aims to save time and cost in the performance of its activities,  accelerateing operational processes, aims to get rid of the paperwork procedure, aims to prevent false statements by controlling all data on the chain. Karaca customs consultancy aims to ensure that processes are carried out through smart contracts and thus to increase efficiency in all processes.

Among the members of the Blockchain Turkey Platform, there are nearly 70 leading companies from various sectors such as Eczacıbaşı, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Turkcell, Koç Sistem, Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Garanti, Vakıfbank, Türkiye İş Bankası, Ford Otosan, EnerjiSa.The executive and advisory board of the Blockchain Turkey Platform consists of the founders, senior managers and/or representatives of Turkey's most important organizations and experts in their fields.

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TBV - Turkish Informatics Foundation

Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR), which is thought to affect the whole world and transform the world technologically in the coming years, is an initiative of the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV). As a member of Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR), Karaca Customs Consultancy is a natural member of TBV, a non-governmental organization working with the main aim of transforming Turkey into an information society.

The aim of the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV), which was established on April 14, 1995 in Istanbul/Turkey with the aim of helping the conscious development of investments in informatics and contributing to the productivity of the country is to contribute to the creation of the necessary infrastructure for Turkey's transformation into an information society, to carry out scientific research and development activities, and to produce qualified projects and ensure their implementation, especially by examining the effects of new technologies on social and economic life.

As a natural member of the foundation, the goal of Karaca Customs Consultancy is; To try to be as active as possible towards the purposes and activities of the foundation, to take care to participate in the majority of the programs and activities, to meet the expectations in the best and most accurate way in the processes of the foundation and  to fulfill all duties in line with its objectives with a great sense of responsibility.

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