Working At Karaca

Working at Karaca Karaca;

Means to be a member of a large family. Being a member of this family brings a lot of responsibilities such as taking care of appearance, compliance with working hours, acting with the responsibilities of duty, adopt and implement the unconditional customer satisfaction focused on management approach, establishing a good dialogue with colleagues and understanding the importance of solidarity.

Working at Karaca;  

Means accepting and adopting the change from past to today, detecting deficiencies and providing advice, thinking hard about the things which can be done for the development and growth of Karaca, giving value to customers, managers and colleagues who works together for the success of Karaca. 

Working at  Karaca; 

Means having a culture and value of Karaca, being in solidarity, sharing, being open to development and innovation.

Working at Karaca; 

Means asking the question that whether I did my duty as required today at the end of each day and having the honor of positive response.

Working at Karaca;

Means being successful.

Working at Karaca; is a privilege...