Sectors We Serve

Karaca Customs Brokerage that continues its activities in accordance with the customer satisfaction-focused sense of service and the perspective of sustainable growth, always raises the level to a higher position in service quality thanks to its applications and services which feel the pulse of its sector,especially preferred to serve all institutions and organizations from all sectors, and has always managed to be stay up to date and remain dominant in terms of Custom Legislation and Foreign trade terms and practices which are constantly being updated and revised since its foundation.

Karaca Customs Brokerage that gives places to fast-growing small and medium-sized firms in its existing portfolio besides a significant number of domestic and international groups and organizations with massive production facilities that successfully operates in many sectors, is one of a small number of Customs Brokerage companies having mobility, ability, knowledge required to serve to the especially large-scale organizations and organizations with a wide variety of production range in sector, and the experience to meet the sectoral needs of the production.

Karaca Customs Brokerage made a point of being a respected, valued and leading company of which enterprises in portfolio make happy and peace to take service, which creates difference and value with its sense of “Boutique Service”, promises more that a Custom Brokerage firm does at every stage of trade, and succeeded in doing so and become the first choice in the Customs Brokerage Service need of especially large-scale domestic and foreign institutional companies. 

Karaca has continued to serve in each following sectors successfully to a prestigious customer portfolio for many years.

  • Packaging Industry Sector,
  • Electrical, Electronics and Computer Industry,
  • Industrial Goods Sector,
  • Energy Sector,
  • Home Care, Personal Care and Hobby Products Sector,
  • Food Industry Sector,
  • Clothing Industry Sector,
  • Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry Sector,
  • Construction and Building Materials Industry Sector,
  • Communication Products Sector, Mining and Metal Industry Sector,
  • Office Products Sector,
  • Automotive and Auto Parts Industry Sector,
  • Retailing Sector,
  • Petroleum and Petroleum Products Sector
  • Industry, Plastic-Rubber Manufacturing Sector,
  • Advertising, Traffic Safety and Optical Products Sector,
  • Health Products Sector,
  • Ceramic Industry Sector,
  • Agricultural Sector,
  • Cleanliness, Beauty-perfumery-cosmetic and Maintenance Products Industry,
  • Textile and Leather Industry Sector,
  • Medical Instrument and Equipment Sector,
  • Transportation Industry Sector.