Training Services

In addition to the necessity of providing new human resources in order for businesses to realize their goals and reach their goals, it is necessary to maintain the human resources they have and to be trained, developed and motivated very well in order to benefit from them. Based on this general rule, our employees are one of our main forces that lead us to success in the realization of our company strategies and goals.

Performance of all our employees working in our group companies are constantly increasing with the  KRC ACADEMY  that we have established within  KRC CUSTOMS AUDIT AND CONSULTANCY INC.  one of our group companies, and their increasing motivation and performance significantly increases our operational efficiency.

With the Customs and Foreign Trade training organizations organized periodically within the body of the KRC ACADEMY, studies are carried out that will contribute to the development of the knowledge and experience of our employees and all the people, institutions and organizations we cooperate with, and it is aimed to increase their professional activities and productivity.

In these trainings, the participant, receive information rich in context on customs legislation and applications both in theoretical and tactical approaches from the trainers consisting of experienced professionals worked on the field in logistics and customs cases,  in these trainings the actual examples are given and real experiences are told. The positive feedback we receive from those who attend our trainings confirms the accuracy of our services and training methods, and encourages us to do more accurate work.

We kindly request you to complete the Customer Feedback Form for all the matters you wish to know related to our continuously updated trainings, and we would like to state that we shall be very glad to see you among us in our trainings.

You can find the subject titles of the Customs and Foreign Trade Education Programs organized by us until now.

  • General Introduction to Foreign Trade
  • Delivery and Payment Methods
  • Basic Customs Applications
  • Import Legislation and Applications
  • Export Legislation and Applications
  • Customs Legislation and Operation Process
  • Product Safety Audit CE Applications
  • Internal Processing and External Processing Regime
  • Investment Incentive Legislation
  • In and Out of Tariff Measures in Foreign Trade
  • Customs Tariff Applications and Classification Legislation
  • Origin and Circulation Certificates
  • Smuggling Legislation
  • VAT, Special Consumption Tax Legislation
  • AEO and APO legislation
  • Post Clearance Control Definition and Concepts
  • Legal and Penal Responsibilities at the Customs

Karaca also creates internship opportunities to the students of the Commerce, Foreign Trade and Customs, Business Management departments of the High Schools and Universities, thus conducts studies to contribute to the sector and intern students.

Internship application are received in April and May each year and the results are announced at the end of May.

The applications of the students who wish to make an internship application shall be taken into evaluation if they complete the Internship Application Form in full.