Training Services

In addition to the necessity of providing new human resources in order for businesses to realize their goals , it is necessary to maintain the human resources they have and to be trained, developed and motivated very well in order to benefit from them in the most efficient way.  Based on this general rule, our employees are one of our main forces that lead us to success in the realization of our company strategies and goals.

KRC CONSULTANCY, our training activities, which we started with the KRC ACADEMY that is created within its body, gained a different dimension in time with the Customs and Foreign Trade training organizations organized periodically for our customers and their staff together with our employees. 

In addition to their contributions to the development of the sector and the workers who want to find a place in the foreign trade and customs sector these trainings increase the motivation and performance of all our employees working in our group companies, and their increased motivation and performance significantly increase our operational efficiency.

The subject headings of the Customs and Foreign Trade Training Programs organized within the body of KRC ACADEMY are listed below in general.

• General Introduction of Foreign Trade
• Delivery and Payment Methods
• Basic Customs Practices
• Import Legislation and Practices
• Export Legislation and Practices
• Customs Legislation and Operation Process
• Product Safety Inspection CE Practices
• Inward Processing and Outward Processing Regime
• Investment Incentive Legislation
• Tariff and Non-Tariff Measures in Foreign Trade
• Customs Tariff Application and Classification Legislation
• Origin and Movement Documents
• Smuggling Legislation
• Free Zones Legislation
• Foreign Exchange Legislation
• VAT, SCT Legislation
• YYS and OKS legislation
• Definition and Concepts of Post-Check
• Legal and Criminal Responsibilities at Customs

In addition to the above-mentioned training topics organized within our company, the compulsory trainings for companies holding YYS certificate are also successfully carried out by trainers who work in our company, representing the advanced level of expertise and extensive experience in the field of YYS.

For more detailed information about our training consultancy services, you can visit, the corporate website of Krc Customs Audit and Consultancy Inc., one of our group companies.