Interactive Customs Services

Esteemed customers of Karaca Customs Consultancy can log in to the Online Customs portal and perform transactions like Digital Archiving, Declaration Inquiry, Warehouse Stock Product Report, Work Follow Up Report, Term End Transaction Follow Up, Internal Transaction Follow Up, Free Zone Stock Report, Document Projection Stock Report, Order Report, File Status Monitoring Report, Export Report According to the DIIB Number, HS Code Based Import Report, Legislation Search, HS Code Search and Tax Calculation.

The Inter-system Integration, Special reporting, Customer request, recommendation and complaints, Customer satisfaction analyses, Legislation E-bulletin are other interactive services given online by Karaca Customs Consultancy.

Digital Archive

Digital Archive System is a modern management information system that enables the electronic recording of document exchanges within the company and of the document traffic resulted from the business carried on with the customers, the acceleration of the work process, the determination of the blocked points, and the elimination of such points and in addition to all these features that directs document flow planning. This system not only increases the safety of information and documents, but also decreases the work load of both the company and the customers and helps stabilizing the work load balance and decreases the mutual costs as it fastens the work fulfillment process.

By using digital archiving system, the time for reaching to documents is decreased to minimum, the saving of time and labor is provided, it is unnecessary to reach the originals of the documents and the documents are prevented to get damaged. It takes a short time to find the documents you even forgot through this system and information sharing and institutional efficiency are provided by enabling more than one person to reach the same document at the same time.

Our customers can reach to the foreign trade transactions concerning the finalized customs transactions which have been digitally recorded and to all customs files and documents with different filtering options immediately via Karaca Digital Archive System, thus they can reach to their files and documents before they receive the customs documents.

Electronic Declaration Monitoring System 

Through the hand-held computers and cell phones that our staffs have, information about our customers’ status of operations and declarations are instantly recorded on the web-based Declaration Monitoring System that we use and customers have the opportunity of accessing to Declaration Monitoring System online with their private passwords and usernames and concerned parties becoming able to monitor the declaration status instantly. Also, as it is possible to elucidate by e-mail on the system, declaration status can automatically be reported and conveyed via e-mails. 

Integration between Systems 

Fast workflow and informing in filing and billing processes are provided thanks to the integration between the systems that we provide between our customers and us. Integrations are applied through automatic declaration system and financial data transfer. 

Special Reporting 

Customer Representatives who are serving for Karaca, exchange information about the status of files with the managers and staff of Karaca Foreign Operations who pursue the customs procedures of declarations prepared and sent by the department of internal operation by using digital and computing environment at every moment of the day and send information reports to customers at every stage of proceedings. Our customers can see the content of all files which are in process, after process or waiting to be processed, clearly and concisely with this information reports which are sent twice a day automatically.

Requests Suggestions and Complaints of Customer 

All kind of feedbacks such as requests, suggestions, complaints and thanks etc. can be sent online by filling out the Customer Feedback Form , notifications are evaluated as soon as possible by reaching the relevant department, processed and the necessary studies are initiated. Progresses and outcomes obtained during the study are shared with acceptor absolutely. 

Regulation E-Newsletters

Regulation E-Newsletters have been used for years in all countries in which the internet is developed and become an indispensable marketing tool. Karaca send company news, innovations, changes and news about customs and foreign trade regulations to its customers by classifying them in sectoral and general terms thanks to its professional and expert personnel, and inform them about all kind of changes.