YYS Consulting Services

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) recognized by the Ministry of Customs and Trade is a prestigious and internationally valid status that provides convenience and benefits to trustworthy firms which perform their customs liabilities, the registry system of which is in order and traceable and which has financial competence, security and safety standards.

This status gives a serious cost and time advantage to firms in terms of effectively executing their operations.
Karaca Customs Concultancy with the activities it continues as one of the leading organizations in customs sector, with its strong staff and as a solution partner with advanced specialty level and extensive experience cumulation in AEO field, provides, to foreign trade companies that wish to benefit from the conveniences of Facilitating Customs Transaction regulation, all kinds of support that they need in;

  • Bringing internal control processes to AEO and obtaining certificate
  • Fulfilling and implementing AEO requirements,
  • Protecting the status against risks,
  • Performing the audit and reporting necessary for Annual Activity Report, 

in the best conditions within the frame of legislation.

Up to now, none of the AEO applications of our firms that we made with our solution partner is rejected and all of our firms for which we carried out the processes obtained their AEO certificates.

Also, if they require real and legal persons who fulfill the conditions stated in Customs Regulations and reside in Turkish Customs Area are awarded with OKS (Approved Person Status).Karaca Customs Consultancy also provides consultancy services to its valued customers about obtaining Approved Person Status Certificate.