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Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) recognized by the Ministry of Customs and Trade is a prestigious and internationally valid status that provides convenience and benefits to trustworthy firms which perform their customs liabilities, the registry system of which is in order and traceable and which has financial competence, security and safety standards.

This status gives a serious cost and time advantage to firms in terms of effectively executing their operations.

With its strong staff representing an advanced level of expertise and extensive experience in the field of YYS, one of our group companies  KRC CUSTOMS AUDİT AND CONSULTANCY INC.;  to the foreign trade companies who want to benefit from the convenience brought by the Regulation on the Facilitation of Customs Procedures;

  • In obtaining certificates by adapting internal control processes to YYS,
  • In the provision and implementation of YYS requirements,
  • In protecting the status against risks,
  • In the preparation of the Annual Activity Report, which should be submitted to the Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade within 3 months following every 12 months, according to the results of the audit and post-control after the certificate is received,

  • In the stages of preparation of certificate update files, which must be done every 5 years as per the legislation, making applications and preparation and participation in on-site monitoring audits,

provides all kinds of support they need under the best conditions within the framework of the legislation.

Also, if they require real and legal persons who fulfill the conditions stated in Customs Regulations and reside in Turkish Customs Area are awarded with OKS (Approved Person Status). Krc Customs Audit and Consultancy Inc. also provides consultancy services to its valued customers about obtaining Approved Person Status Certificate.

Conveniences that the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate Can Provide

1. Facility of Simplified Procedures:

  • On-site customs clearance in export (to carry out transactions from their own facilities without presenting the export goods to the export customs administration),
  • Authorized consignor (to be able to ship the transit goods from their own facilities without presenting them to the customs office of departure),
  • On-site customs clearance in imports (to carry out transactions from their own facilities without presenting the import goods to the import customs administration),
  • Permitted consignee (to be able to ship the transit goods to their own facilities without presenting them to the customs office of destination),
  • Providing a predetermined amount of indefinite and non-reduced collateral within the scope of lump-sum collateral application instead of separate collateral for each transaction in secured transactions,
  • Ability to provide partial guarantees in secured transactions,
  • To be able to issue A.TR circulation certificate without the need for approval by chambers and visa procedures by customs directorates,
  • To be able to issue Invoice Statement and EUR.MED Invoice Statement regardless of the value of the goods,
  • Being able to make a statement with missing documents,
  • Benefiting from on-board processing without limitation according to the type of goods,
  • Ability to use incomplete document and declaration and ease of on-board processing,
  • To be able to submit an analysis report taken up to 6 months before the import of the goods determined by the Customs Regulation,
  • Receiving the goods determined by the Customs Regulations without the analysis results,
  • Receiving oil and derivatives for which bill of lading cannot be submitted before the bill of lading is presented,
  • To be able to benefit from different regulations to be made by the Ministry regarding the determination of goods.

2. Conveniences regarding the Control Type of Declaration:

  • Being able to process on the green line which is the line where there is no goods inspection and document control in import and export,
  • Benefiting from the green line in on-board transactions,
  • Less document control or subject to inspection,
  • In case of document control or inspection, performing these operations first.

3. Safety and Security Conveniences:

  • Ability to make a summary statement consisting of reduced mandatory information,
  • Less subject to customs controls related to safety and security based on summary declaration or documents replacing summary declaration or information used as summary declaration,
  • In case of customs checks related to safety and security, being able to carry out these checks first,
  • Ability to pass priority through border gates.

We stand out with the end-to-end services we provide within the scope of YYS I AEO Consulting.