Working Principles

Our employees constitute the basis of all our works..

The most important factor that enables the continuation of performance, reputation and achievements of Karaca family is its creative, honest and sharing employees. Our employees always take place in the basis of everything because of the reason that they always constitute the basis of all our works. The success of our company is directly proportional with the success of employees. For this reason, we appreciate the differences of our employees and attach importance to their contributions. We provide support for them to develop, train and be successful for themselves and our company by creating a challenging work environment full of opportunities.

Honesty and high ethical standards are the basis of our business..

Honesty, devoting to work, courage, respect for others and keeping interests of company and customers ahead of everything are the basis of management philosophy of KARACA. All employees are expected to adhere to the professional behavior standards at the highest level in their relationships with customers, suppliers or government agencies and to give importance to the above-mentioned values and do their duties honestly. It's forbidden for the employees of Karaca to do fraudulent businesses, informal and unauthorized negotiations or making informal agreements.

All our employees must comply with our working principles..

All employees must comply with the following rules which have been determined within the framework of their works and duties that constitute a part of their responsibilities based on loyalty and good faith and make people who serves in their teams or working under supervision of them to comply with these rules, too. Our employees must protect the assets of our company and make everybody use these assets effectively. All assets of the company must only be used for the purpose of business. Operation Principles and Regulations and Instructions have a binding force on all employees of Karaca. The necessity and obligation of our employees to comply with the Operation Principles of our company will form the basis of the success of our company for the future.

Information safety..

Information is our one of the most critical asset categories. The importance and value of information assets and in order to provide a protection for them appropriate to concept of sensitivity is an obligation for all our employees because they have to comply with the policies and procedures of the Karaca Information Safety. In addition, employees of Karaca are responsible for protecting and keeping the information to be accepted as top-secret and confidential against customers, agents and / or third parties and they must not share such confidential and secret information with third parties including friends and relatives except the other employees in any environment.

Occupational Health and Occupational Safety..

Occupational health and safety are among the priorities of Karaca. All employees have the right of working in a safe and healthy environment. Our company's occupational health and safety policy applies to all employees and the other service providers. This policy is managed and followed-up effectively for to improve the occupational health and safety continuously.

Social responsibility.. 

The fundamental human rights and standards are the main members of the social responsibility principle. Our commitment to the social responsibility principles in our works and businesses except the commercial criteria are among the indispensable principles of our company. All employees are required to comply with the social responsibility principle integrated into society in their duties and influence areas.

Environmental responsibility is one of the most important principles..

Karaca takes the principles of environmental responsibility into consideration in addition to its sustainable strategic and cultural approach which is also open for improvement in its works and businesses. Karaca carries out works and studies about the environmental problems to make them more understandable and generalize the good samples in this issue. Our aim is to provide a continuous improvement about our environmental performance. Employees of our company are responsible for complying with environmental laws, regulations and Karaca's Environmental Policies.

Karaca is a company that adopts an environment in which children are not allowed to work and there is no force on labor and against discrimination where human rights are protected. Employees of Karaca are obliged to act in accordance and compliance with all laws, rules and regulations and they are expected to adhere to them. Behaviors that distort the effectiveness and reliability of work environment, aggressive behaviors, threatening speeches and behaviors, harassment and nuisance are unacceptable.