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Karaca Customs Consultancy, within the scope of the digital change and transformation process that has also been  supported by the Ministry of Trade,  became a gold member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform ( BCTR).

It is thought that Blockchain technology which has an increasing use in many countries and different sectors around the world will affect the whole world in the coming years and transform the world technologically. It is also thought that this technology will enable paperless trade era, accelerate the digitalization of supply chains, increase efficiency and shorten transaction times while also preventing mistakes arising from fraud or  errors.

Karaca Customs Colsultancy by taking part in BCTR (Blockchain Turkey Platform) aims to closely follow the developments in Blockchain technology, aims to be one of the leading organizations in the execution of foreign trade transactions on blockchain-based platforms. Besides all this Karaca Customs consultancy aims to save time and cost in the performance of its activities, accelerateing operational processes, aims to get rid of the paperwork procedure, aims to prevent false statements by controlling all data on the chain. Karaca customs consultancy aims to ensure that processes are carried out through smart contracts and thus to increase efficiency in all processes.

Among the members of the Blockchain Turkey Platform, there are nearly 70 leading companies from various sectors such as Eczacıbaşı, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, Turkcell, Koç Sistem, Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Garanti, Vakıfbank, Türkiye İş Bankası, Ford Otosan, EnerjiSa.The executive and advisory board of the Blockchain Turkey Platform consists of the founders, senior managers and/or representatives of Turkey's most important organizations and experts in their fields.

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Our in-house trainings given within the body of KARACA ACADEMY continue. - 04 November 2021-

Our in-company trainings continue uninterruptedly within the body of  KARACA ACADEMY  which we have created to implement practices that contribute to the development of our employees, which is one of our main strengths that carry us to success in the realization of our company goals.

Within the framework of the training held in our company's seminar room on November 04, our employees, who served as team leaders and customer representatives, were informed in detail about the latest changes in the customs legislation.

The training was very productive, all questions of the participants were answered and they were thanked for their participation. While it was decided to reorganize the second training with the same content for those who could not attend, it was underlined that the trainings would continue as planned.

We would like to thank our unit managers who made the organization for their contributions and all participants for their participation.

Karaca Customs Consultancy

In the process of combating Covid-19, Karaca continues to offer its services successfully.

Karaca Customs Consultancy which maintains its hygiene and other safety standards without compromising in the process of combating Covid-19 continues to  provide its services to its valuable customers successfully as always.

In order to be protected against the Covid-19 disease that emerged in Wuhan, China in December and affected the whole world and to support the social struggle in this context, Karaca Customs Consultancy closely followed the process and took all the necessary measures quickly and implemented it.

At the very beginning of the pandemic process, Karaca Customs Consultancy, which has made the current working order in the head office and all other branches and liaison offices in accordance with the necessary working order in order to provide more accurate, faster and more holistic service to its valued customers, has been continuing to provide  its services successfully as always  by maintaining the high-level measures it takes and the hygiene and other safety standards that it carefully implements, without compromising.

We wish healthy and successful days to our valued customers, our employees and all parties we cooperate with.

Best Regards,

Karaca Customs Consultancy



As it is known, within the scope of effective struggle against the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), which deeply affects the whole world, a series of studies are being carried out and precautions are taken in our country. In this context, the studies, measures and instructions given by the regulatory authorities of our country are closely monitored by our company Karaca Customs Consultancy, and the necessary measures are handled in detail and implemented immediately.

Accordingly, the following measures have been implemented quickly and safely.

All of our personnel were informed promptly about Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the precautions that should be taken against the virus, and for the safety of our employees and customers, an enough amount of face shield with surgical mask, gloves and other disinfectants for our personnel were ensured, products were supplied and personal protective consumables were distributed to our office and field personnel in our headquarters and branches. Our work areas are disinfected against the risk of coronavirus, the surfaces in the work area, equipment and other items of the work environment are routinely cleaned by the cleaning staff, the workplace is ventilated at certain intervals, maximum attention has been paid to the use and cleaning of hygienic areas such as a washbasin, toilet, faucet, door, turnstile and currently all these practices are continuing regularly. Fever of our staff was measured regularly during the working hours, the measurements were recorded, and those with colds and fever were identified and sent to their homes for prevention purposes, allowing them to check and rest. All kinds of meetings and / or activities to be held in closed areas have been postponed to a later date, the seating arrangement within the company has been revised, and a suitable working model has been developed to ensure the social distance of employees throughout the workplace. In the early days of the epidemic, the number of employees eating at the dining halls at the same time was reduced, but the hot food service was stopped in the face of increasing and unavoidable epidemic risks, and instead, sandwiches and soft drinks were served in various packages in single packages. Immediately after making calls to stay home by public authorities within the scope of an effective fight against Coronavirus (Covid-19), the applicability of the HOME OFFICE SYSTEM has been checked by our managers for the institutions, companies, and personnel serving in the customs and logistics sector. Although its applicability is more challenging compared to other sectors, HOME OFFICE work has been carried out within our company to create a working order and to provide uninterrupted service to our customers, pilot implementation processes have been successfully carried out within our company and a large part of our staff has been made workable from home when necessary.                           

We would also like to point out that at the moment, we do not have any personnel with health problems related to the epidemic of COVID-19. In this extraordinary period, to provide quality and professional service to our customers, the regular processes in our company's workflow are carried out without interruption, our office and bonded areas personnel continue to work systematically and uninterruptedly, making every effort to perform their services as soon as possible.

If the current epidemic conditions in our country become more severe in the coming days and additional measures are taken by the authorities, additional measures will be taken by our company in parallel with the measures to be taken at the Customs and there will be no delay in customs clearance operations and transactions. We wholeheartedly wish that all these and similar measures, which have to be taken for the health of our country and the future of our country, have been adopted by all our people and that this process has been overcome with little damage in solidarity.

By saying health first, we thank you for your support and cooperation and we wish all our dear customers and employees, healthy days.


Karaca Customs Consultancy