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VEM İLAÇ, which is positioned as one of the most important representatives of domestic production and has been at the service of medicine for more than 20 years with its high quality and advanced technological products produced in many different treatment fields; decided to get foreign trade and customs consultancy services from Karaca Customs Consultancy after a long research and study process. 

Vem İlaç, which has been operating in the health sector since 2000; It offers products used in many different treatment fields such as Nephrology, Chest Diseases, Gastroenterology, Pediatrics, Urology, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, Intensive Care, Anesthesia, to the service of Turkish medicine.

Karaca Customs Consultancy, which serves corporate companies in every sector and scale by using all the opportunities offered by today's technology; In addition to customer satisfaction, it continues its pioneering role in the sector with its sensitivity on environmental and social issues.

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GÜVEN HEALTH GROUP, one of Turkey's most valuable and reliable health institutions, has brought its story that started in 1975 to a large general hospital concept with its professional team of doctors and health personnel, surgical medicine centers and health life campuses; has signed a service contract with KARACA CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY for Customs Brokerage Services.

Güven Healthcare Group is the organization that continues its activities with its hospital equipped with advanced medical technology spread over a wide area, surgical medicine centers and health life campuses, closely follows the dynamics in the health sector and directs the health sector in Turkey. Güven Health Group, proud of being selected as the health institution that provides the most disabled people and women employment in Ankara in 2021, has also been awarded a gold certificate in the audits carried out by the international non-governmental organization Planetree for its work. 

Being aware of the fact that it is extremely proud to be chosen as a solution partner by such a valuable organization, Karaca Customs Consultancy continues to  develop its portfolio with leading companies in their sectors. It continues to work "always for the better" and to produce the most suitable solutions for all the needs of its customers without compromising on trust.

Karaca Customs Consultancy

Karaca Customs started to work with Orka Holding, the creator of Damat Tween and D'S Damat brands.

Karaca Customs Consultancy; It started to serve ORKA HOLDING, one of the most valuable companies in Turkey, which includes giant brands such as Damat Tween and D'S Damat.

ORKA HOLDING, which has created its own brands with 100% Turkish capital since the day it stepped into the men's ready-to-wear industry with the Damat brand in 1986, has become the center of men's fashion by transforming fashion into a lifestyle.

Today at more than 450 sales points around the world, with the brand Damat / Tween and D'S  directs men's fashion.

Serving many national and international valuable brands, Karaca continues to expand its customer portfolio in many different sectors from textiles to chemistry, from pharmaceuticals to automotive. Being aware of the fact that such valuable organizations prefer Karaca as their solution partner, Karaca continues to increase its efforts to work for unconditional customer satisfaction. 

Karaca Customs Brokerage

Karaca started to serve Doğuş Oto, one of the important companies in the automotive industry.

Karaca Customs Consultancy, which provides professional Customs Consultancy and Foreign Trade Consultancy Services to distinguished institutions, started to serve Doğuş Oto, one of the Doğuş Group companies.

Doğuş Oto provides insurance and financing services to its customers, along with sales and after-sales services of new vehicles, second-hand vehicles, spare parts, accessories, for a total of 7 brands it represents, in Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa and Kocaeli. It provides authorized sales, spare parts and service for Cupra, Skoda, Porsche and VW Commercial Vehicle brands. Continuing its activities in 6 regions, 37 Authorized Sales and 34 Service points and with more than 1,300 employees, Doğuş Oto maintains its pioneering presence in the sector with its strength and stability.

Karaca continues its services without slowing down with its high-level service understanding, experienced expert staff and professional approach, reveals its difference in the sector more clearly with each passing day with its comprehensive services and continues to add important organizations to its portfolio.

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