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Our company training courses continue on a regular basis.

Our company staff and managers participated in the seminar of the training organised by our Head Office in Istanbul on 30.05.2014. Education was extremely productive. The necessity of in-company trainings and its benefits were again highlighted and were requested to continue and intensify by the participants.

The visual material was used and the following topics and subjects were covered in this training program. 

İmport Regime Regulations, 

Import Surveillance and Safeguard Measures

We celebrate the 92 anniversary of August 30 Victory Day and remember primarily Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and all the heroes of the struggle for independence with respect and mercy.

Victory Day is a national public holiday in Turkey on August 30.Military parades and ceremonies at monuments to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded the Turkish Republic, are some common ways to celebrate Victory Day in Turkey.Administration buildings and schools are closed on this day. The Turkish flag and images of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk are the symbols of Victory Day in Turkey.

Victory Day in Turkey commemorates the key Turkish victory against Greek forces in the Battle of Dumlupınar (August 26-30, 1922). The outcome of the battle, which took place in Kütahya province in western Turkey, determined the overall outcome of the Turkish War of Independence (1919-1923).

Although foreign forces left the country for good in the autumn (or fall) of 1922, Turkish people accept August 30 as the date of the Turkish troops’ overall victory. Victory Day was first celebrated in only a few cities in Turkey – such as Ankara, Izmir and Afyonkarahisar – on August 30, 1923. It became a national holiday in 1935.

Karaca Customs Concultancy has invited their employees to the iftar dinner in the evening Tuesday, July 15 on the occasion of Ramadan

Karaca Customs Concultancy has invited their employees to the Iftar dinner due to Ramadan.Karaca’s valuable managers and employees joined this traditional iftar dinner taken place on the night of 07.16.2014. Guests who came together in this such a special day  have chatted in a friendly way in a beautiful ambient. At the end of the dinner a wish has also been made that the ramadan would bring everyone the beauty,prosperity and abudance.



We Wish The Whole Muslim world A Very Happy Ramadan..

Sevgi, saygı, beraberlik ve güzelliklerle dolu daha nice ramazanlara ulaşma dileğiyle hayırlı ve mutlu bir ramazan geçirmenizi dileriz.

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