News from Karaca

KARACA increases its commercial activities in KOCAELİ-Derince.

Karaca has put into service its KOCAELİ-Derince contact office directly after its KOCAELİ-Dilovası contact office in order to provide faster and more effective services in the region.

Derince Office that is the second Office of Karaca Customs Brokerage and Cunsultancy Company in the East Marmara region after Dilovası Office  is located at only 50 meters away from the East Marmara Regional Directorate of Customs and Trade.

One of the main objectives of Karaca Customs Consultancy Company is to spread and expand in the region and provide more active,effective,fast and quality service to its valuable customers. Karaca Customs Consultancy Company is proud to develop trading volume increasing with each passing day in this region where Turkey\'s and the world\'s largest organizations and brands located  and where the volume of business with high potential for attracting investment are. 

KARACA is very active at ASB in TEKİRDAĞ-Çorlu..

Karaca has moved its Çorlu-ASB European Free Zone Branch Office to the new prefabricated building built by the founder of European Free Zone for Customs Brokers in the free zone.

The building newly constructed for customs brokers in Çorlu European Free Zone with a limited number of offices was opened to settlement in NOVEMBER 2013. Karaca moved to its new office in this building that is more equipped, modern and larger than the one in which our previous office is settled.

Karaca Customs Brokerage continues to offer service in its more equipped new office for providing a more quality and quicker service to its valuable customers as from 18.11.2013. 

KARACA moved its Ankara office to Ankara Logistics Base..

Karaca Customs Concultancy moved its ANKARA office into Turkeys the first and the most modern International Transport Logistics Base in Ankara.

Karaca Customs Concultancy moved its ANKARA office into Turkeys the first and the most modern International Transport Logistics Base in Ankara in order to provide more effective service to its valued customers. 

Ankara Logistics Base is the first and the most modern International Transport Logistics facility  in Turkey to the European standards established on 700 thousand square meters and 3 thousand truck-tractor day with the intensity  in Kazan/ANKARA. Ankara Customs  Directorate, Ministry of Industry Provincial Directorate, Ankara Chamber of Industry, Ankara Chamber of Commerce, Institute TSE-Turkish Standards - Ankara Import Department and representatives of public and private organizations, such as Turkey's largest banks by branches are located in this large facility which has been installed in the heart of the Central Anatolia Region

Karaca has been continuing to work on innovation and changes that will improve service quality and customer satisfaction with a great perseverance.

Everything is in order to provide better service to our customers ..



Our Anatolian branch in Istanbul is located in Erenköy ..

For KARACA CUSTOMS CONSULTANCY, time refers to the completion of customs procedures and services as soon as possible and without error.Our Istanbul Anatolian Side Branch, which we have established in order to produce closer services to our customers and customs offices on the Asian side of Istanbul, is located within walking distance of Erenköy Customs Directorate and is carrying out its activities time lossless and very quickly.

We continue to work on innovations and changes that will increase our service quality and customer satisfaction.We always do our best to serve our customers better.