Karaca impresses with the end-to-end services it offers within the scope of AEO Consulting.

Oyak Group, which operates in 24 different countries in six different continents around the world, has decided to receive AEO Consultancy Services from Karaca for all group companies holding the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate.

With this decision, Karaca Customs Consultancy will provide AEO Consultancy Services to all companies of Oyak Group operating in 24 different countries around the world in the Mining, Metallurgy, Cement, Concrete, Paper, Automotive, Logistics, Finance, Chemistry, Food

Karaca, who is currently carrying out the certificate update studies of  Akdeniz Chemson, one of the OYAK institutions, has received AEO certificate on behalf of many domestic and foreign companies till now.

Karaca Customs colsultancy  fully gives AEO consultancy services with its experienced team, from the certificate application process to the delivery of the certificate, from the preparation of the update file to the preparation for the on-site monitoring audit.

KARACA is with you in every process related to AEO…


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