Our in-house trainings given within the body of KARACA ACADEMY continue. - 04 November 2021-

Our in-company trainings continue uninterruptedly within the body of  KARACA ACADEMY  which we have created to implement practices that contribute to the development of our employees, which is one of our main strengths that carry us to success in the realization of our company goals.

Within the framework of the training held in our company's seminar room on November 04, our employees, who served as team leaders and customer representatives, were informed in detail about the latest changes in the customs legislation.

The training was very productive, all questions of the participants were answered and they were thanked for their participation. While it was decided to reorganize the second training with the same content for those who could not attend, it was underlined that the trainings would continue as planned.

We would like to thank our unit managers who made the organization for their contributions and all participants for their participation.

Karaca Customs Consultancy

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